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Sep 7, 2023

In this episode of Tech Exits, we sit down with Luc Pettett, former CEO of Punters. We journey with him from his post-sale adventures, delving into his pivot into the world of AI-powered investing with Telescope. Luc sheds light on how Telescope is revolutionizing the investment landscape, turning global trends and events into actionable investment opportunities with the aid of AI. From the breakout success of their consumer app, Potato, to offering B2B solutions that provide hyperpersonalized investment themes, Luc paints a picture of the future of finance. Amidst these tech tales, he also reminisces about cherished family moments in Tahiti. Throughout our conversation, Luc shares invaluable insights for exiting CEOs on the nuances of the M&A process and the profound transformation that follows a business sale.

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